In 2021 more U-Haul trucks headed in to Chatham-Kent rather than out. That’s good news for the municipality. According to customer data analyzed by the moving company giant, last year’s stats ranked Chatham-Kent in 13th placeof the highest growth cities across Canada.

According to the U-Haul Western Ontario president David Anstett, it’s no secret Chatham-Kent is a great place to live. “It’s a beautiful area with a low cost of living,” Anstett said in a recent interview, adding people enjoy the slower pace, quality of life and the absence of traffic congestion. Anstett said the influx of people into Chatham-Kent began slowly about a decade ago with retirees choosing to relocate here. Now, he said, people with good-paying jobs and families, able to work from home, are moving into the municipality. Anstett said the new residents – primarily from the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton – are a silver lining of COVID-19.

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